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Our Curriculum

Every pupil attending Evolve Academy will be given access to a cross-curricular learning experience in line with National Curriculum guidelines. Pupils have previously had difficulties accessing the full curriculum in their mainstream school placement and thus, in a small group the teaching can be tailored to their individual needs to help close their learning gaps.

The pages in the left hand column include curriculum plans for KS2 and KS3. Within each curriculum area you will find the content of our curriculum (including long term planning documents) and examples of students work.

For more information around our curriculum please contact Assistant Headteacher – Quality of Education Karina Carr:  kcarr@eat.uk.com

  • KS3 Curriculum+

    The curriculum provides learning and teaching experiences that are high quality, stimulating, diverse and relevant so that pupils are motivated to engage positively, achieve well and acquire knowledge that is retained in their long-term memory, in order to maximise their life chances beyond the time spent at Evolve Academy. The nurturing, inclusive ethos ensures that all pupils receive a high-quality education, underpinned by the six principles of nurture and led and supported by experienced staff.

    If you require any additional information about our curriculum, please contact the main office who will put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.

  • KS2 Curriculum+

    Children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5 and 6) follow the National Curriculum programmes of study including the core subjects: English and Maths. Where needed we also complete a phonics assessment and deliver a phonics programme. We have daily spellings, grammar, reading and writing lessons. For Maths we teach mastery skills using the ‘White Rose Maths’ programme.

    In addition, we follow a thematic based topic curriculum which includes the foundation subjects: art, DT, history, geography and we have weekly science lessons too. Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education also forms part of the curriculum which is delivered through ‘Votes for Schools’. The students access Cooking & Nutrition and Science lessons, delivered by subject specialists. They also have a weekly Outdoor Education lesson and Forest School.

    Children are base-lined on entry both academically and socially/emotionally to identify areas where they need support and SMART targets are set. This supports in identifying and delivering interventions the children need to ensure they make progress with the aim of children being able to access mainstream education.

    To meet children’s social, emotional and health and SEND needs we provide bespoke interventions including: Lego Therapy, Sensory Intervention and Anger Management.

    All children are assessed for any unidentified needs to support children transition effectively back to a mainstream setting.

    Also, we have outside professionals who deliver interventions including games and music with a range of foci including: team work, listening skills and communication skills.

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