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Maths (KS3)

Curriculum Overview

Evolve maths curriculum is flexible, personalised and designed to enable all pupils to progress to the next stage of their educational journey. Our maths curriculum covers all four number operations, fractions, algebra, geometry and place value in engaging yet challenging ways. It is important that students gain understanding in these areas in order to support future learning.

  • KS3 Maths Content+

    Planning and teaching is underpinned by the White Rose mathematics scheme which is based on a mastery approach. Our schemes of work have been developed to increase fluency, develop mathematical reasoning and enable problem solving in number systems, calculations, shape, space and measure, algebra and data handling. Pupils are also helped to apply their skills to everyday life through problem solving activities.

    At the beginning and end of each topic all students complete an assessment with an emphasis being placed on identifying any gaps that pupils may have in their mathematical understanding and supporting pupils to overcome these difficulties, especially problems that may arise with number skills. Also, this supports in demonstrating progress throughout the unit of work. The programme of study is individually tailored to ensure that pupils make the progress they are capable of from their individualised starting points.

    Furthermore, learning is underpinned by a focus on developing pupils’ social development, emotional well-being and mental health.

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