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Health and Fitness (KS3)

Curriculum Overview

At Evolve Academy, Health and Fitness plays a vital role in the development of our pupils’ knowledge and skills in a variety of exciting physical and sporting activities.

  • KS3 Health and Fitness Content+

    During Health and Fitness lessons, pupils work with their group to develop basic skills in activities such as badminton, football and basketball. Once they have mastered the basic skills they are encouraged to apply and master these techniques in a variety of games and activities. Pupils are also given the opportunity to lead others in developing skills and encouraging teamwork.

    We feel that an emphasis on being a positive team player and improving communication skills, whilst exploring opportunities to develop leadership ability, is an integral part of a successful placement. Our Health and Fitness curriculum is designed to encourage pupil participation and build self-esteem which will have a positive effect on their wider curriculum.

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