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Behaviour and Rewards


At Evolve Academy, we firmly believe that all members of our school community should have the right to:

  • feel safe
  • learn
  • be treated with respect
  • work in a positive
  • welcoming school community
  • be heard

The emphasis at Evolve is on encouraging positive behaviour through:

  • high expectations
  • the modelling of good behaviour
  • a focus on learning
  • praise and rewards
  • restorative practice

We work with pupils and families to ensure that behaviours are appropriate and enable the pupil to learn and feel safe. If we have concerns, we will support the pupil through positive and specific interventions to make better choices and adopt strategies that are both sustainable and transferrable. Positive working relationships are essential and, through our Nurture Principles, pupils will feel safe and secure in an environment where they know that they are valued and respected.


We believe pupils should have their achievements recognised and rewarded. Rewards can be small tokens or more substantial incentives, but more importantly, pupils should feel that their efforts are recognised in a meaningful way in order to promote positive engagement with school life and foster the feeling of success. At Evolve Academy, we continue, alongside our pupils, to design and develop a reward system that is personalised to the needs of individuals.

Pupils are given the opportunity to achieve on a daily basis and are rewarded regularly; this progress is recorded on the school’s system – Class Charts. This system enables pupils to manage their own rewards and to use them to buy items that they value. This promotes budgeting skills. The following rewards are used by staff to recognise and promote positive and appropriate behaviours:

  • Postcards home  that links to our core values.
  • Certificates
  • Celebration assemblies each week
  • Regular phone calls/text messages home
  • Positive meetings with families

In addition, we recognise the importance of verbal praise and recognition. As a team, we believe in catching our pupils doing the right thing and look for ongoing opportunities to highlight the positive behaviour they display. In some instances, this means that we personalise the rewards and incentivise pupils by supporting them to focus on achieving a specific goal.

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