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Curriculum Overview

At Evolve Academy, we aim to deliver an aspirational, personalised careers programme to all our pupils as we work towards meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks framework of Good Careers Guidance. Sessions are planned and delivered for students on a regular basis through targeted interventions which provide the appropriate tools and relevant information needed about opportunities and options available to them in order to make confident and well-informed choices. They learn about skills needed and develop theirs, explore, discover and acquire knowledge about various careers, pathways, qualifications, employment and training routes available. And most importantly, they are helped to see the link between these pathways and subjects they study in school which helps to keep them motivated.

Our aim is to empower our young people, raise aspirations, broaden horizons and provide the support and guidance needed as they embark on their career journeys, in order to reach their full potential and to achieve better outcomes in life.

For information around careers, including our Baker Claus statement, please contact Matthew Long (Head of School) on 01924 200752 evolveacademy@eat.uk.com

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    Our goal for every pupil – no matter what their background – is that they are able to:

    • Understand enough about numerous careers through research and discussions, know about options available in order to make confident, better suited and well- informed decisions about their future;
    • Understand that choosing STEM subjects opens doors to careers that would otherwise be closed;
    • Understand enough about the world of work to know what skills they need to get into and succeed in chosen fields;
    • Be actively involved in drawing up action plans for them and which clearly map out their career goals and what next steps they need to take to reach them, be it the next level of education or training within a specific industry;
    • Access up-to-date career and labour market information (LMI) which is important for social mobility and to envisage their future prospects.

    In addition to regular one-to-one sessions of Careers Advice and Guidance, pupils are provided with many opportunities while in school to participate in events and interact with employers, get a glimpse of the world of work and learn new skills. This is facilitated through a range of meaningful and informative encounters during:

    • Visiting speakers’ speeches in assemblies;
    • Lunchtime talks, Special one-off events;
    • Careers fairs and Enterprise events;
    • Mentoring by employers;
    • Workplace Visits, Mock interviews and CV writing;
    • Trips to visit colleges in Further/Higher Education.
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Executive Head Teacher Mark Richardson

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