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English (KS3)

Curriculum Overview

English is a vital subject for every young person and encountering meaningful stories which help support our young people socially and emotionally is something we strive for excellence in. Including a vast range of literature enables our students to understand the difficulties many people from all over the world encounter and reflect how to be a model young person.

  • KS3 English Content+

    We are fortunate enough to teach topics such as:

    • Creative Writing
    • Non-fiction
    • Speaking and Listening
    • Poetry
    • 19th Century Literature
    • Modern Literature
    • Plays

    We use a wide array of books including; Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, A Christmas Carol, Poetry Anthologies, The Hunger Games and Blood Brothers. From these incredible stories’ students learn how to:

    • Be confident readers
    • Understand a wide range of literature
    • Gain an understanding of different reasons to write
    • Express themselves creatively and accurately
    • Gain key skills in speaking and listening

    All students will complete baseline testing to assure our teaching is tailored to their individual needs.

    Marie Imrie: English Teacher


  • Examples of our work in English+

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