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Creative (KS3)

Curriculum Content

We believe that every child should be prepared for an ever-changing world through an inspiring, tailor-made creative curriculum that captures their curiosity and equips them with knowledge and understanding of a variety of art forms. Students explore different mediums such as: drawing, painting, design and crafting. Our creative subject allows students the freedom to make mistakes as we believe there is no right or wrong when expressing yourself creatively, plan and problem solve with the vision of creating individual masterpieces. We challenge students to trust in their ability, express themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Also, we aim to impact positively on our students SEMH needs where they can willingly create expressions of their emotions, safely communicate this with others and develop their self-positivity in a nurturing classroom environment.

  • KS3 Creative Content+

    The Art curriculum is critical and contextual at its core. Artists, craftspeople and designers are used to underpin practical tasks to support, develop and allow students to question. We aim to develop the use of visual language by seeing, understanding, questioning and practising and exploring techniques, materials and ideas. We focus on supporting students to form their own opinions and have a deeper understanding of Art and Design through history and today’s society.

    We study:

    • Seasonal Topics
    • A range of artists
    • Art from around the World
    • Art focused on important dates/events
    • Upcycled/Street art
    • Working with clay/crafts
  • Creative at Evolve Academy+

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